1. St Augustine’s Cathedral

Tuesday 30th March -Mass - 5.30pm

Wednesday 31st March - No Mass - Stations of the Cross at 5.30pm

Thursday 01st April - Holy Thursday - Mass 6.00pm -Live-streamed on FB

Friday 02nd April - Good Friday - 

Service 10.00am, 

Service 12.00pm, 

Service 2.00pm (2.00pm Service will be live-streamed)

Saturday 03rd April - Easter Vigil - Mass 6.30pm

Sunday 04th April - Easter Sunday

Mass 8.00am 

Mass 9.30am (9.30am Mass will be live-streamed)

  1. Holy Spirit Parish, Arcadia

Holy Thursday mass of the Lords supper: 6:30 pm.

Good Friday celebrations:

Stations of the Cross: 10 Am and 3 Pm

Celebration of Christ passion: 15 minutes after 3pm stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday vigil mass: 7 Pm

Easter Sunday mass: 8 Am.

  1. St Kevin’s Parish

Holy Thursday:6pm

Good Friday:

Stations of the Cross: 09:30am

Good Friday Service 1: 10am

Good Friday Service 2:  3pm

Holy Saturday: 5 pm

Easter Sunday: 09:30am

  1. Sacred Heart, Port Elizabeth









  1. Mater Dei Parish

 HOLY WEEK  2021






1st April 2021

Holy Thursday




(parishioners are asked to please bring non-perishable food to this Mass)

2nd April 2021

Good Friday Service


 Stations of the Cross


 (No parking will be allowed in our car park as this service will take place OUTSIDE IN OUR CAR PARK).  Parishioners are encouraged to wear red.

 3rd April 2021

Holy Saturday


 Morning Prayers


 Vigil Mass

(Parishioners are encouraged to wear white.  Please bring your own candle in a holder)

4th April 2021

9.00am Only

  Resurrection of the Lord


  1. Corpus Christ Parish






Wednesday 31 March

(Holy Mass)



The Holy Three Days (The Triduum)

Thursday 1st April

(Holy Thursday)


Mass of the Lord Supper

Friday 2nd April

Good Friday Service

03.00 pm

Liturgy of the Passion – The John Passion, Veneration of the Cross, Holy Communion.

3rd April

(Holy Saturday)

06.00 pm

The Easter Vigil Service of Fire. Light and Baptism renewal leading into the first Mass of Easter

Sunday 4th April

Resurrection of the Lord


Mass of the Resurrection

  1. San Francesco












  1. St Patrick’s, Sydenham

Holy Thursday 1st April: (Mass of the Last Supper- 6pm)

Good Friday 2nd April: (Veneration of the Cross- 3pm)

Holy Saturday 3rd April: (Easter Vigil – 6pm)

Easter Sunday 4th: (Holy Mass- 9am)




LINK:  Page-

  1. St Martin de Porres, Port Elizabeth

Holy Thursday- 7.00pm

Good Friday -12.00pm & 3.00pm

Easter Saturday- 7.00pm

Easter Sunday -9.00am

  1. St Patricks, East London

Holy Thursday- 6.00 pm

Good Friday:

9am:  Stations of the Cross

3.00pm: Passion of Our Lord

Easter Saturday- 7.00pm

Easter Sunday -8.00am

  1. Motherwell and New Brighton

Holy Thursday 5:30pm @ Holy Name

Good Friday 3pm at Pawulos Oyingcwele

Holy Saturday 6pm @ Holy Name

Easter Sunday 10am @ Pawulos Oyingcwele

  1. Parish of the Assumption – Somerset East

7pm: Holy Thursday

Good Friday

9am: Youth Stations of the Cross

3:15pm:  Passion of Our Lord

Easter Sunday:  7:30am and 2:30pm (Mass with Baptism)

  1. John the Baptist – Bedford

Holy Thursday: 4pm

Good Friday:  Passion of Our Lord @ 11am

Easter Sunday: 10:30am

  1. Fort Beaufort/Adelaide

Holy Thursday: 4pm (St. Monica’s Adelaide)

                        6pm (St. Michael’s Fort Beaufort)

Good Friday: 3pm @ St. Michael’s

Holy Saturday: 6pm @ St. Michael’s

Easter Sunday: 7:30am @ St. Monica’s

                         9am @ St. Michael’s

  1. Kouga Parishes

Holy Thursday: 5pm @ Jeffrey’s Bay
Good Friday:  3pm @  Jeffrey’s Bay -  Stations of the Cross  & Holy Communion  
                       3pm @ Humansdorp - Stations of the Cross  & Holy Communion  
Easter Sunday: 8:15am @ Humansdorp

                          10am @ Jeffrey’s Bay



Daily Liturgy

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576 AM - Channel 870 DSTV Audio



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