Lenten Appeal raises R10 664 544, 26

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On behalf of the Bishops of Southern Africa, I would like to thank you once again, for your wonderful response to the annual Lenten Appeal collections in your different parishes. That is despite these challenging financial times, which is a true witness to your compassion, love and concern for the plight of the poor and needy that is served through the many projects, served through the mission of the Church. At the time of writing this letter, we have raised a total amount of R10 664 544, 26

This is an increase of 2% compared to what we raised last year which was R 10 409 643, 03. On behalf of the Bishops Conference, I ensure you our continued prayers and ongoing thanks for your generous giving, fully aware that the cost of living is a daily challenge for most of us.

The Bishops Lenten Appeal is the primary source of financial support for our local church’s activities. The Bishops, in addition to being tasked with the responsibility of nurturing the spiritual well-being of our people, are also concerned with the holistic development of the people of God. Your generous contributions to the Bishops Lenten Appeal continue to make this possible. We are extremely grateful to you for helping us fulfil our mission and this you have done faithfully over such a long period of time.
Because of the changing times, we have to support many more poor and needy people, so we thank the generous benefactors that assist the Bishops conference through the special grants that they have made possible for us to support the needy and poor especially our children. This year as I reported to the Bishops I confirmed that they have contributed close to R 300 000, 00. We continue to thanks them for their kind generosity.

This is how we will be using the money you so generously gave to the Bishops Lenten Appeal in 2018:


National Grants: R 1 405 000, 00 will be distributed between 12 applicants
Diocesan Grants: R 1483 059, 11 will be distributed between 40 applicants
Our Seminaries: R1 900 000
SACBC General Secretariat: R 4 285 000, 00
Lenten Appeal Office: R 1 417 836, 80

This leaves us with a balance of R 173 678, 46 from the money that has been collected in Bishops Lenten Appeal in 2018. This we will put to good use.

May the good Lord continue to bless you all in the generosity of the work that you are doing. It is only through giving that we shall receive. May God bless your kindness through the love that reflects in your heart?
In Christ


Bro. Ashley Tillek, OFM

BLA National Director

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