1. A Pastoral Letter from the Arch/bishops to their respective Dioceses endorsing and motivating active participation during the Season of Creation.
    • At the Plenary Session of the Bishops in January 2021 the Bishops agreed to introduce and promote the ‘Season of Creation’ in their particular Dioceses.
    • The team preparing the material asked if each Bishop could prepare a Pastoral Letter advocating that Parishes, Small Christian Communities, Groups, Homes and Families, etc. become actively involved in this initiative.

The Bishops’ are being asked to ensure that their Pastoral Letter reaches all the above mentioned groups.  

  • The focus for the month will be on bringing about a greater awareness of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’ and to encourage a living connection between environmental well-being and the Gospel.

In the words of Pope Francis: “What we all need is an ‘ecological conversion’, whereby the effect of […our] encounter with Jesus Christ becomes evident in […our] relationship with the world around […us]. Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience”. (# 217).

  • The greatest challenge facing a meaningful Season of Creation is finding ways in which Dioceses, Parishes, Small Christian Communities, Groups, Organizations, Homes and Families, etc. can be actively involved in assuming shared moral responsibility for our common home and the common good. This is going to need the collaborative goodwill of everyone, taking into account the consequences of the covid pandemic and the varying degrees of lockdown which we have been experiencing since 2020 as well as the effect it has had on people.
  • Lastly, by linking the Season of Creation constantly to Laudato Si’, we are hoping that interest in the document will be cultivated and people might be curious enough to read it for themselves.
  1. Launching of the Logo and the Slogan for the Season of Creation as widely as possible o Each Arch/diocese to procure their own copy of the Logo.
  2. Where it is possible to celebrate Mass, have prayer services within small Christian Communities, Groups, Sodalities, Catechetical groups, Homes and Families, etc the following will be provided. These are only by way of suggestions.
    • General Introduction to the Season of Creation.
    • A Special Penitential Rite
    • Special Prayers to be included for the Prayers of the Faithful or when praying together as groups or families
    • A Prayer for the Earth - – taken from the Encyclical Laudato Si’ o A practical activity for the day



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