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Parish/Church: Christ the King
Priest: Fr Lawrence Kamala
Tel: 042 230 0162
Parish/Church: Catholic Community
Priest: Fr. Selwyn Francis
Tel: 046 645 1279
Parish/Church: St Vincent’s
Priest: Msgr. John Clarke
Tel: 041 456 2453
Parish/Church: St Joseph's
Priest: Fr Selwyn Francis
Tel: 040 653 2190
Parish/Church: Holy Spirit
Priest: Fr. Owen Wilcock
Tel: 041 481 2444
Parish/Church: St Rose's
Priest: Fr. Peter Chungu – Shitima
Tel: 040 636 0019
Parish/Church: St John the Baptist
Priest: Fr. Ken Jones
Tel: 046 685 0193
Parish/Church: St Rita's
Priest: Fr . Greg Mitchell CO
Tel: 041 481 0279
Parish/Church: Mother of Good Hope Church
Tel: 041 4831598
Parish/Church: St Andrew's
Priest: Fr. Joseph Balekalyi
Tel: 043 643 4074
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Parishes of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth

Our Lady Flight Into Egypt


Mary is honoured as the Chief Patron of our Diocese of Port Elizabeth. In accordance with the official liturgical Pastoral Guide it is therefore elevated to a solemnity (big feast) for the local church and celebrated on the Sunday that occurs on 4th February or between the 4th and 10th February each year.

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