newvincentI am sure many of us have had an experience of going to the bus stop or the airport to wait for the arrival of a friend, a loved one, a guest or someone special. After what seems to be an interminable delay, we are overcome with joy when we see our loved one emerging from the Arrival terminal.

We begin to forget our long wait, our restlessness and all our inconveniences. Our emotions begin to tell a different story, that our long wait was important, meaningful and worthwhile, after all. Likewise, during Advent the coming of the Lord into our lives fills us with high expectations of abounding joy, love, hope and a sense of destiny with its crowning moment at Christmas.

St Luke who accompanies our reflection during Sundays of Ordinary Time of Year C, invites us kindly to “watch and pray” (Lk 21: 36). Prayer can be defined as an act of raising our minds and hearts to God. It opens our eyes to the presence of God, helping us to see everything in proper perspective, and nurture in our heart’s peace, even in the midst of problems and pains. Keeping watch invites us to be vigilant and exercise spiritual oversight in our life of faith. Vigilance necessitates discernment through which we are able to sense the abiding presence of God in our lives, distinguish between what is right and wrong, what is good and evil and have moral courage to live according to the teaching of the Gospel.
“Discernment”, Pope Francis insists: “We need it at all times, to help us recognize God’s timetable, lest we fail to heed the promptings of his grace and disregard his invitation to grow.” The Holy Father, makes an appropriate invitation that can help us celebrate the Advent Season fittingly, “I ask all Christians not to omit, in dialogue with the Lord, a sincere daily ‘examination of conscience’” (Gaudate et Exsultate, 109).

adventIn the final analysis, advent prepares us for the celebration of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, which recalls in the history of salvation God’s faithfulness and stupendous love. God so loved the world that he sent us his only Beloved Son, so that we may experience life in its fullness. So, we have every reason to live in joyful hope for the final coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to establish once and for all the Kingdom of God.

“Hope is a vital part of life. We spend a great deal of our lives longing, waiting, hoping for one thing or another. It is impossible to live when one is completely without hope. Hope is as important for our spirit as bread is for our body. Our strength, our commitment, depends to a great extent on the degree and quality of our hope” (Fr. Flor McCarthy, SDB).


As I am entering the dates of the Bishops diary into the table below it is difficult to believe that we are already in the last quarter of 2018. The months have flown by!! We have had a very busy Diocese this year. We have celebrated milestone anniversaries of some of our Priests, unfortunately we lost some of our beloved Clergy, had many Parishes celebrating the sacrament of confirmation, hosted AGROP bishop1(Annual Gathering of Recently Ordained Priests), been a part of the Bi-Centennial Celebrations of the Church in Southern Africa and the list goes on …..

As I write this we have something to look forward to - we have three seminarians who will be ordained to the Diaconate on their journey towards being ordained into the Priesthood of the Catholic Church. We congratulate Patrick Misomali, Runaine Radine and Xolile Mafu and assure you of our continued prayerful support.

In April we were honoured with a visit to the Chancery Offices from Archbishop Stephen Brislin, the staff members were overjoyed to meet the SACBC President.

Many of the Diocesan sodalities have made appointments to meet with the Bishop during 2018, to name a few – The Catholic Men’s Union, The Sacred Heart Sodality, St. Anne’s Sodality, Daughters of St. Anne’s Sodality, the CWL and the Legion of Mary. (Photo on the left: CWL Diocesan President, Sheila Thysse presenting Bishop Vincent with a generous donation from the Diocesan CWL towards the Seminarian Fund).

The Bishop recently attended the gala evening for the retirement of the Anglican Bishop, Bishop Bethlehem and has regular meetings with the Church Leaders Group in the Nelson Mandela Metro. The Executive Board of the Bible Society also visited the Bishop recently.

The SACBC Lenten Appeal for 2018 received R499 000,00 from the Port Elizabeth Diocese and I am happy to report that R324 200, 00 was paid back to our Diocese to some of the projects who had put in a funding request. This year, 2018 the Bishops Lenten Appeal approved funding requests from the following: Missionary Sisters of the Assumption - Sr Mary McAteer, Dominican Sisters - Sr Aloysia Zellman, St Anne's Pre Primary School - Fr Greg Mitchell, Mother of Good Hope - Fr Valentine Azubuike, Our Lady by the Wayside, Missionary Sisters of the Assumption - Sr Michelene Sangu, Enkosi Trust, PDO, Good Shepherd Sisters - Sr Ramani and St Phillip Neri Collegium. We are truly grateful to the Bishops Lenten Appeal for considering the projects run in our Diocese.

Pictures show:

Archbishop Brislin, Bishop Vincent and the Chancery Staff.

Sheila Thysse from the CWL presents Bishop Vincent with a donation for the Seminarian Fund. 

Bishops Diary 1st October to the 30th November 2018




3rd October 2018

Catechetical Commission

Port Alfred

5th – 7th October 2018

Marian Pilgrimage


9th – 11th October 2018

Seminaries Commission & Dept of formation and life of the Clergy


13th October 2018

Catholic Men’s Union Annual Conference


16th October 2018

DCP Meeting

St. Patrick’s GHT

17th October 2018


Mother of Perpetual Help

20th October 2018


Immaculate Conception

21st October 2018


SMDP & SFX East London

22nd – 26th October 2018



28th October 2018


Christ the King Mdantsane

31st October 2018

Finance Committee Meeting


4th November 2018


Church of Resurrection

6th November 2018

PE Deanery Meeting

Mater Dei

11th November 2018


St. Thomas

17th November 2018

Legion of Mary gathering Port Elizabeth and East London


18th November 2018


Mater Dei

25th November 2018


Christ the King Addo

26th – 30th November 2018

Priests Retreat

St. Luke’s Retreat Center

Please feel free to pop into The Catholic Resource Center (CRC) which houses our repository, library and archives.  The Center is open Mon to Fri 9am – 3pm. 

Rebecca Huntly

Secretary to the Bishop

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